Innovative energy storage system for growers is a new initiative of KG Greenhouses, offering a range of innovative battery systems.The horticulture industry already plays a major role in energy supply, this can be further expanded with the option of installing battery systems.

Flexibility in the energy market

The energy transition means that the generation of electricity can vary from hour to hour. At the moment, supply and demand can still be kept in balance by raising and lowering the generation in gas and coal-fired power stations. In the future, however, the generation of electricity will increasingly depend on the amount of wind and sun at that time.

This means that there is no longer any guarantee that the supply will meet the demand, but equally prevents supply from exceeding demand. The electricity system only functions if supply and demand (input and consumption) are equal. If the input and output deviate from each other, the system will become unbalanced.

The trick is therefore to balance supply and demand at all times. Due to the instability of renewable energy sources, there is a great need for flexibility in the energy system. Electricity storage is one way to meet this need. Therefore electricity storage is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Trading on various markets

Energy storage allows generation and use to be disconnected from each other, with optimal feedback to the grid by selling the stored energy when the prices are highest.’s energy storage system can be used on all relevant energy markets (Day-ahead, Intraday, Imbalance) as well as the balancing markets FCR and aFRR. The compensations provides an interesting business case. In addition, from 1 January 2022, no energy tax will be levied when charging an energy storage connected to the electricity grid.

In cooperation with partners, can provide automated control of storage systems. This system provides accurate predictions of imbalanced prices which are controlled per minute. Generating revenue by optimizing the charging and discharging of the battery system.

Getting the most out of sun production

More and more roofs of commercial spaces are being equipped with solar panels and the first solar panels are now also being placed on water basins. During peak hours when there is a lot of sun, the energy price sometimes even drops into negative values. At the moment the solar panels are automatically switched off in such a case, so the energy that can be generated is currently lost. If a battery storage is present, this energy that would otherwise be lost can be stored in the battery. The grower can use the stored energy later to, for example, switch on the lighting in the evening.

Two types of batteries is the exclusive dealer of Volstora for national and international horticulture. Volstora designs and manufactures battery systems in its new facility in Arnhem. The energy storage systems are supplied in standard containers, ready to use. There are two types of batteries to choose from:


These batteries, are mainly composed of Titanium-based materials and have a lifespan of 25 years. The SuperTitan is extremely suitable for trading on the energy markets. The battery can withstand a very high number of cycles, which means it can be charged and discharged several times a day without deteriorating in quality. The main pillars of the SuperTitan battery storage system are the technical design of the construction, the unique cooling system and the control management system.
By using Titanium as the main component, the SuperTitan has been recognized by the industry as the safest battery and can therefore be insured.


As a cheaper alternative, the Superstrata comes in the form of a new generation lithium phosphate battery (LFP). The LFP battery has a lifespan of 10 years. This battery is very suitable for use in a storage system for expanding capacity, or for storing your own energy production from solar panels.